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Precious editions for ‘amateurs d’art’ (art lovers) of contemporary art

whether for your home, your office or as an art investment – your advantages are manifest:

You have always been an art lover? You have had the feeling that you would rather like to collect art? You feel enthusiasm, even passion for art, but simply have never enough time for inspiring gallery-events? Our art-editions of at most 10 copies, some of which are even unique objects, take art of well-known artists into your every-day-life, reward you with the individual collectors’ pride. You just have to choose your sought-after collectors’-specials online to create your authentic ambiance. We will send it and if you live on our way, we even might come to hang it up…

  • Special editions

    Together with well-known artists we, youngcollectors, develop a vast variety of edition-objects that we constantly complement to be able to offer you the biggest selection of contemporary artworks possible.

  • Smallest amount of copies

    To make sure that you do not risk meeting another copy of the edition at your neighbour’s we simply do not allow more than 10 exemplars (plus 1 e.a. and 1 e.e.) of each artwork, but mostly the artists wish to do less.

  • Character of unique objects

    Many of the editions are made by the artists personally. Even if they profit of technical assistance, the artists have to elaborate and finalize the artwork, thus tiny differences can be possible and actually are desired.

  • Ideal for collectors

    Due to the fact that almost every artwork was specially created for the edition and mostly made by the artists for youngcollectors only, you, the collector, can be sure that you will not meet another identical work.

  • Order safely

    With us your online shopping is very comfortable and absolutely save, that refers to your payment (by PayPal or prepayment), your complete data and the whole execution of your purchase.

  • CO2-neutral delivery

    The artworks are packed fracture-proof and delivered within 5-7 weekdays after arrival of the payment all over Germany by the German post-service; for other European countries and international delivery services the charges must be calculated.

New Products
topDie byzantinische Ecke III, IV, VDie byzantinische Ecke III, IV, V
Ali Kaaf

Die byzantinische Ecke III, IV, V


2019, Unikat-Edition, jeweils Version 3/3, Gouache, Einschnitte, Ausbrennungen auf Inkjet Print Hahnemühle Fine Art, ca. 60 x 40 cm

topohne Titelohne Titel
Christine Reifenberger

ohne Titel


2018 Unikat-Serie 5 (+1),
Eitempera auf Papier,
38 x 29 x 1,5 cm

topohne Titelohne Titel
Franziska Reinbothe

ohne Titel


2019, Serie von 5  (+1) Unikaten, je 50 x 50 x 4 cm, Chiffon, Polyethylen, Polyester, LW, Acryl auf LW

István Haász



2019, Auflage 3 (+2),
Holz, Collage, Acryl,
30 x 30 x 5 cm

Martina Geccelli



2016/2019, Auflage 7 (+2), Photographie, Fine Art Print auf German Etching, 50 x 60 cm 

topSafety boxesSafety boxes
Jachym Fleig

Safety boxes


2019, Unikat-Serie 8 (+ 2), Gips, Wabenpappe, Safety Box, Plombe, ca. 50 x 35 x 30 cm

topStützwerk R01-08Stützwerk R01-08
Vera Röhm

Stützwerk R01-08


1977/1981/2019, Auflage 8 (+2), Tintenstrahldruck auf Photo Rag Baryta-Papier 315g (Hahnemühle), 
60 x 60 cm, signiert, ungerahmt

topVera-Lina 100Vera-Lina 100
Vera Molnar

Vera-Lina 100


2019,  6-teilige Serie, Aufl. 3 (+2), Malpl. weiß,  PE-Folie peynesgrau, 40 x 40 x 3,8cm

Gereon Krebber



2013, edition 20, 5 (+1) for YC,
acryl, chewing gum, nail, wooden box,
2,4 x 2,9 x 1,3 in 25 x 30 x 1,3 cm

HighlightJodhpur, IndienJodhpur, Indien
Dominik Orth

Jodhpur, Indien


2004/2014, edition 8 (+2),
c-print / diasec,
28 x 40 cm

HighlightSLURP 50SLURP 50
Christophe Baudson



2016, edition 6 (+2),
oil on canvas,
15 x 15 x 5 cm


Christoph Dahlhausen



2014, edition 5 (+2),
vinyl on mirror,
Ø 25,2 cm

HighlightA DIY KitA DIY Kit
Iemke van Dijk



2015, edition 10 (+2), 
3 templates, pencil, cotton, 
(do it yourself kit), variable measurements


HighlightOsmophob no. 30Osmophob no. 30
Gereon Krebber

Osmophob no. 30


2009, edition 50, 6 for YC,
stickers on paper, 
carton box 50 x 40 cm

Albert Hettinger



2014, edition 9 (+2),
Indian basalt,
28 x 24 x 3 cm

HighlightEcho/lux 2015Echo/lux 2015
Elisabeth Sonneck

Echo/lux 2015


2015, edition 5 (+1), unique pieces,
gouache on w. colour cart, copy on glassine, foldback clip, 31 x 23 cm


HighlightMiniMe III, (red, pink, yellow)MiniMe III, (red, pink, yellow)
Léopoldine Roux

MiniMe III, (red, pink, yellow)


2014, edition 8 (+2), unique pices,
enamel, polyurethan foam on wood,
12 x 10 x 10 cm