André Stempfel

Born in 1930 in Villeurbanne (F), lives and works in Paris and Avignon

‘I did not choose Senegalese yellow, in fact I was chosen by it; all other colours were suppressed. This exotic colour, so called by the producer Lefranc (ENCRE JAUNE SÉNÉGAL N134010.519*), correspond exactly to the brilliant, warm and intensive experience you get, when you immerse into this colour.’ The colour Senegalese yellow stands symbolically for spirit, sententiousness, vitality and creativeness, clarity and joy of life.

The work of André Stempfel tells us stories; irritating stories, f.ex. the one of panel paintings that step by step roll down from the wall into space and finally the last one ends up as a roll on the floor. Early he reduced his palette to the >Senegalese yellow<, nowadays significant for him. He concentrates on an artistic interplay creating his yellow monochromes. The objects seize the space, change, deform as if from elastic material, irritate the viewer. His works are painted, drawn, built, change their shape in a sequence of snap-shots, seem to move. For youngcollectors André Stempfel created a yellow square, strictly geometrically divided into 4 x 4 smaller squares by drawn lines. A single of these, top right, is separated or kept by a wedge. Will it fall?

Humorously he arranges the unfailing game of picture and object, expectation and multiplicity of artistic options. His works play with us, with our cognition.


Works of the artist:

Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-01-150x150-ligne-hors-texte   Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-02-Espace-Valles   Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-03-jeune-sculpture   Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-04-Centre-culturel-Chanot

Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-05-installation-in-situ   Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-06-Sequence-D-roule   Referenzen-Andre-Stempfel-07-Centre-culturel-de-Bretigny   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

1980           Brétigny (F), Kulturzentrum

1985           Paris (F), C.N.A.P. (solo)

1989           Villeurbanne (F), Museum (solo)

1992           Präsentation in der Lobby des D.A.P. (F.N.A.C. Sammlung)

1997           Madrid (E), Museo Nacional Reina Sophia

1997           Badajoz (E), Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst

1998           Shiga (J), Hira Muséum (solo) Paris (F), Centre Pompidou

1999           Grenoble (F), Space Valles (solo)

2000           Grenoble (F), Musee Contemporaine, Skulpturen

2000           Bonn (D), Arithmeum2001

2000           Grenoble (F), F.N.A.C. Sammlung

2002           Paris (F), Galerie Lahumière Paris (solo)

2004           Dallas (US), Musée Madi

2010           Bonn (D), Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung „gegenstandslos“ Beirut (Lib), Beirut Art Center

2012           Mailand (I), Galerie San Carlo (solo)


Editionen oder Unikate

4ième déplacé – one out
André Stempfel

4ième déplacé – one out


2016, edition 5 (+2),
Acrylic on canvas on MDF, 
30 x 30 x 2,5cm