Angela Glajcar

Born in 1970 in Mainz, lives and works in Rhineland-Palatinate, she has shown her in-situ-installations primarily all over Europe.

Studies (1991-98) at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, numerous awards and grants, lately (2010) the Audience-Prize of the Region in Wilhelm-Hack-Museum (Ludwigshafen), and ‘Printer for the City’, Gutenberg Museum Mayence; Adjunct Professor at the University of Gießen (D) 2007-08

Angela Glajcar has created an unbelievably multifarious work, primarily sculptural but at times quite graphical. Up to 2003 she preferred, to work steady material like wood, stone and metal creating beings that stand autonomously in space, earthen and heavy or graphical and gracile.

Then her creatures lose their steadiness. The artist works with paper, paints with gouache one side, tears parts off, turns it, joins several elements, fixes them only at selected points. They float.

She starts to layer sheets of paper, hurts each of them, continues these openings in the following layer bigger or smaller and/or shifted, achieves depth. She hangs up enormous paper sheets, the openings in it are caves with the power of a magic maelstrom, sculpture built by emptiness.

Her small works fascinate by the depth effect, the changing colour of the white paper in the shadow area, the smooth movement of the material under the influence of the humidity in the air, a process of alteration, to which the artist submits her work deliberately.

Works of the artist

Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-01-Lumen-2008-090   Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-02-TerforationVI-X-2008-115   Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-03-Terforation IV-XI-2008-117   Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-04-Terforation-2009-072

Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-05-Curalium-2011-009   Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-06-Contrarius-2008-081   Referenzen-Glajcar-Angela-07-Terforation-2012-017   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

Korrespondenz im Raum, Kunstverein Speyer (DE)
Contrarius, Kunstverein Friedberg (DE)
Stadtkünstlerin Spaichingen 2005, Forschner Gebäude, Spaichingen (DE)
Papierinstallationen, Galerie der Kunsthalle Koblenz, Koblenz (DE)
Contrarius-Lichtschatten, Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin (DE)
Papierarbeiten, Kunstverein Trier junge Kunst, Trier (DE)
Lichtblick, Kunstverein Heidenheim, Heidenheim (DE)
Sculptures Célestes, Abbaye d’Alspach, Kayserberg (FR)
Dialogue Poétique, Kunst Forum D’art, Vaudrémont (FR)
PAPIER LESEN, Landesbibliothek, Speyer (DE)
Carta Speziale, Associazione Margherita Ripamonti, Como (IT)
Ad Tempus, Johanniskirche Hanau (DE)
Ad Lucem, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln (DE)
ge-rissen, Österreichisches Papiermuseum, Steyrermühl (AT)
Papierwelten, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen (DE)
Ad Id Temporis, Sint-Anna-ten-Drieënkerk, Antwerpen (BE)
The Light Within, KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen, Frankfurt (DE)
Curalium, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester (USA)
Paper and Light, D.Lowenstein Gallery, Miami (USA)
Terforation, Andipa Gallery, London (UK)
Kunsten Festival Damme, Sint-Janshospital Damme, Damme (BE)
Papier ist für die Ewigkeit, Gutenberg-Museum Mainz (DE)

Angela Glajcar installiert ihre sehr aufwändigen Arbeiten

grundsätzlich in größtmöglicher Unabhängigkeit selber


Editionen oder Unikate

Paperwall VIII + IX
Angela Glajcar

Paperwall VIII + IX


2013/2014, 2 Unikate aus einer Serie, 
Papier 200g, gerissen und gerahmt,
28,5 x 34 x4,5 cm

Terbloc_Serie 2014-047-050-051
Angela Glajcar

Terbloc_Serie 2014-047-050-051


2014, series of unique pieces,
torn paper 80g, acryl box,
15,5 x 8,6 x 8,3
resp. 16,1 x 9,2 x 7,6 cm

Kapitel 2005-030
Angela Glajcar

Kapitel 2005-030


2005, unique pices of a work group,
torn paper 70g, glued, metal support,
25 x 25 x 1 cm

Kapitel 2005-029
Angela Glajcar

Kapitel 2005-029



2005, unique pieces of a work group,
torn paper 70g, glued, metal support,
25 x 25 x 1 cm

Kapitel 2005-067
Angela Glajcar

Kapitel 2005-067



2005, unique pieces of a work group,
torn paper 70g, glued,
25 x 25 x 1 cm