Christophe Baudson

Christophe Baudson

Born in 1969 in Longwy (F), lives and works in Dublin (IR) and Laneuveville-en Saulnois (F)

‘Christophe Baudson calls his series of work ‚slurps‘, an English expression for a joyful slurring of drinks or some sweets’ thus the explanation by Corinne Charpentier in the exhibition 2007 in the Stadtgalerie in Saarbrücken (D). ‘He obviously situates his painting and its ‘consumation’ in the sphere of physical lust.

Christophe Baudson lives in Dublin and near Metz, he is Irish and French, a European, travelling between the worlds, connecting them.

This duality of his daily life seems to be blueprint for his work series of the slurp paintings, showing two colour planes side by side on a thick stretcher frame. These planes stand by each other dialogically, do not mingle, but influence each other in detection. The contrasts of colours of pure and intensive chromaticity strike and stand intransigently on the canvas. Baudson coats the picture carrier generously with oil paint using a palette-knife, overlapping the carrier, thus abrogating the exact square carrier.

Paint is physical, thick or rather pastose but nevertheless plane. The viewer can comprehend the process of painting or smoothing quite well. The works poise between materiality and process of flux and motion. This dualism seems to be vital for the work of the artist, born in 1969.The dualism is a dialogue of the pretendedly irreconcilable, appearing to be transferable to our life.

Works of the artist

Referenzen Christophe Baudson 01_F.I.B 2016  images/sonstiges/Referenzen Christophe Baudson 02 P.A.F.S. J.J.S.A 2015  Referenzen Christophe Baudson 03 R.A.Y 2010  Christophe Baudson 04 Fantome-02-Fantome-01 2011 

   Referenzen Christophe Baudson 05 SLURP 2007  Referenzen Christophe Baudson 06 Untitled 2011  Referenzen Christophe Baudson 07 Wall-painting 2003  Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2014   ‘Jeune Seigneurs , Atelier d'Estienne - Pont Scorff (F)

2013   ‘Some Californian Drawings’ - Some Walls – Oakland (USA)

2007    ‘Welcome To Our Neighbourhood ‘, Saarbrücken (D)

2004   Sur le Front, Le Triage, Nanterre, (F)

           Jeune Création, Grande Halle de la Vilette (F)

2003   Voisin/Voisine, appartements des Amis du FRAC, Lorraine (F)

           Peintures, La Lune en Parachute, Épinal (F)

           ‘Petites explosions ‘- Théatre Gérard Philipe – Frouard (F)

2001    j.u.n.k., Laden für junge und neue Kunst, Berlin(D)

2000    Dream Team, Le Garage, Nancy (F),

‘100 dessins +100 dessins +100 dessins (megamix)’ - Espace a-a-a – Nancy(F)


Editionen oder Unikate

HighlightSLURP 50
Christophe Baudson



2016, edition 6 (+2),
oil on canvas,
15 x 15 x 5 cm