Ditty Ketting

Born 1952 in Rotterdam-Pernis, lives and works in Pernis (NL)

I show what colour is, and it is never the same twice.

Slow painting, chromatic complexion , oscillating phenomena of colours, harmonies of colours. Watching the works of Ditty Ketting all notations that are imposed remain insufficient. Ketting’s works offer a very special visual richness of rhythmic structures, of incredible and absolutely mastered balance of colours.

Ditty Ketting sticks to her plan exactly elaborated from detailed studies of colour. What seems to be so well-structured and regular, finally releases symphonic sound of colour. Looking for universal harmonies she gives colour a widespread importance, the importance of light and space, even similar to the air for breathing.

The artist offers sensations of colours to us in an ambiguous meaning.


Works of the artist:

/Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-01-Untitled_ohne_Titel_392_2014   Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-02-Untitled_ohne_Titel_414_2015   Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-03-Untitled_ohne_Titel_413_2015   Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-04-15_Februar_2016

Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-05-Untitled_ohne_Titel_221_2004   Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-06-Untitled_ohne_Titel_242_2005   Referenzen-Ditty_Ketting-07-Untitled_ohne_Titel_393_2013   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2016           Rotterdam (NL), Hudson Museum, 'Collectie Tentoonstelling 2',

                    Den Haag (NL), Pulchri Studio, 'Concreet 2.0',

                    Concreet 2.0, Pulchri, The Hague, NL

2015           Rotterdam (NL), Avenue Concordia, 'Arte Concordia'

                    Rhoon (NL), GB5

                    Symposion Gorinchem, Gorinchem, NL

2014           Oak Park, Illinois (US), The Suburban, 'Daniel Gordon + Ditty Ketting',

                    Budapest (HU), Vasarely Museum, 'Space as Space | Tér mint Tér',

                    Symposion Gorinchem, Gorinchem, NL

                    Tussenbeelden, Museum Schunck, Heerlen, NL, curated by Paul van der Eerden

                    SPACE as SPACE / TER mint TER, Múzeuma Vasarely, Budapest, HU

                    Dutch Cube II, Museum Bozsó, Kecskemét, HU

2013           Amsterdam (NL), APG (solo)

                    DADA Post, Berlin, DE, curated by Geeske Bijker

                    ParisCONCRET, Paris, FR

2012           Rotterdam (NL), Art Rotterdam, 'Presentatie MK edition', Stichting MK Award

                    Rotterdam (NL), RE: Rotterdam, MK Award show

2011           Purmerend, Museum Waterland, '30 x 30'

                    Paris (F), PARIS CONCRET, 'Poste Concret' Museum Waterland, Purmerend, NL

2010           Rotterdam (NL), Het Hudson Museum, 'Werk uit de periode 1991-2008' (solo)

                    Fijnaart, Museum Van Lien, 'Breedbeeld - 50 jaar geometrische kunst',

                    Basel (CH), Hebel_121, 'DUTCH CONNECTION'

2009          Purmerend (NL), Museum Waterland, 'Formeel 2009. Henk van Gerner en Ditty Ketting' 
                   Gorinchem (NL), Stadhuis, 'Kleur en Ruimte' 
                   Yellow Fellow Collection, Woudrichem, NL
                   After the Endgame – New Abstraction, RC de Ruimte, Ijmuiden, NL Hommage, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam, NL, 
                   curated by Paul van der Eerden 

2005          Gelsenkirchen,D, Städtisches Museum, 'Lohn der Arbeit' Motiva, Austria Center, Vienna, AT Symposion Gorinchem, 
                   Gorinchem, NL 
2004          Maastricht (NL), Kunsthaus Theo Hübens (solo) 
                   Efgenamen van Piet Mondriaan, 
                   Mondriaanhuis, Museum for Constructive and Concrete Art, Amersfoort, NL 
                   Erben von Piet Mondriaan, Kulturforum Haus Dacheröden, Erfurt, DE 

2008          Fliesenwandentwurf für ein Schwimmbad, 
2003          Wellant College, Dordrecht, Farbgestaltg zud. mit Lugten Malschaert, Architekt
1999          Institute for Fiscal Wissen, Sion, Rotterdam, Farbberatung / Farbgestaltung 
1997          T. Idenburg / C. Deen, Rotterdam, Farbgestaltung
1996          Siebel BV, Den Haag, Gemäldeserie


Öffentliche Sammlungen (Auswahl)  

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Mondriaanhuis, Museum für Konstruktive und Konkrete Kunst, Amersfoort; Ministerium für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Den Haag; Kunsthaus Theo Hübens, Maastricht; Wirtschaftsministerium, Den Haag; Eneco B.V., Rotterdam; VUMC, Amsterdam


Editionen oder Unikate

Ditty Ketting



2016 edition 5 (+1),
Acrylic on canvas,
25 x 25 cm