Dominik Orth

Born in 1978, lives and works in Zurich (CH)

For more than 10 years the young Swiss photographer, Dominik Orth, has been travelling around the world; recently he became the photographer of the Swiss Rettungsflugwacht ‚Rega‘ (flying rescue service).

He retains situations and places in a very particular way, and elicits these specific, unmistakably unique pictures. Every moment, every place, each moment at each place has its particular individuality. This to disclose is the general impetus of Dominik Orth.

Wonderful pictures come into being, narrating of foreign worlds. Their chromaticity -sometimes exhilarating sumptuous, sometimes subtle and fragile - positions his works into the context of painting. Color seems to break free – in spite of the impeccably technical realization.

Dominik Orth is still a very young appearance on the international photo scenery. In any case he is a real discovery.

Works of the artist

Dominik Orth The Beauty of irregularity 2010    Dominik Orth Marvel at the moon rising behind the massive 2007    Dominik Orth China 04 Hongkong Cityscape    Dominik Orth Iceland 005 Svinafellsjokull  

Dominik Orth India 19 OldJodhpur    Dominik Orth Switzerland 005 AerialViewAppenzellerland    Dominik Orth WhiteDesert 000 PilzMushroom    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2005        Zürich, Basel, Luzern, Genf (CH), Bookbinders Design, ‘Fotografische Augenblicke aus Indien/Nepal‘ (Solo)
2006        Baden-Baden (D), GlobalVeda, ‘Fotografische Augenblicke aus Indien/Nepal‘ (Solo)
2008        Zürich (CH), Kreis 6, ‘Orthsansichten‘ (Solo)
2010        Zürich (CH), Maag Event Hall, Photo09, Werkschau Schweizer Fotografie
2011        Zürich (CH), Swiss Photo Collection, EWZ Selection Preview Day
                 Bermuda Garage, ‘Flashmobshop No. 2’
2013        Zurich (CH), 2013, Stapferstube da Rizzo (Solo)


Editionen oder Unikate

HighlightJodhpur, Indien
Dominik Orth

Jodhpur, Indien


2004/2014, edition 8 (+2),
c-print / diasec,
28 x 40 cm

Five Flower Lake
Dominik Orth

Five Flower Lake


2010, edition 10 (+2),
c-print / diasec,
50 x 75 cm