Hellmut Bruch

Born in 1936 in Hall / Tirol (AT), where he lives and works

Manifold (personal and group) exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA

“My central topics are light and proportions, relating to natural principles…These insights thrill and inspire me. … Stainless steel and transparent, colored, fluorescent Perspex are my favorite material. My sculptures are not reduced projections or abstractions of the visible. They are the reality of the immaterial. Developed from universal, absolute terms the >open forms< lead to infinity.”

Mathematical rules and laws are always detectable in Hellmut Bruch’s works. His dimensions borrowed from the Fibonacci-sequence, the beauty of an isosceles triangle determines the measurements. The colored acrylic and the reflection of the cut edge make his works radiate, far beyond the immanent rules of harmony.


Works of the artist

Hellmut Bruch Wartenberger Doppelprogression 2009    Hellmut Bruch Progression nach Fibonacci 1993    Hellmut Bruch Progression der Flachen 2004    Hellmut Bruch Offenes System 1985 - 1986   
Hellmut Bruch Transparenz 1999    Hellmut Bruch Licht Farbe Proportion 2001-2002    Hellmut Bruch Große Kreisform 2004    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers 


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Werke befinden sich in öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen in: Brasilien, Canada, Deutschland, England, Frankreich, Holland, Italien, Japan, Österreich, Polen, Schweden, Schweiz, Slowenien, Süd-Afrika, Ungarn und USA


Editionen oder Unikate

Exzentr. Doppelprogr., Farbtransfer
Hellmut Bruch

Exzentr. Doppelprogr., Farbtransfer


2016, edition 7/8 (+8/8),
Acrylic glass milled, red vinyl,
21 x 21 x 3 cm

Gravitationskurve in Rot
Hellmut Bruch

Gravitationskurve in Rot


2009/13, edition 7 (+1), red, fluorescent acryl glass, plumbline, 48 x 55 x 5 cm