Kerrie Poliness

Born in 1962, the artist lives and works in Melbourne

Wall signs, big sized and site specific, are the hallmark of one of the most important Australian artists. They pull the beholder into virtual spaces, puzzle by optical effects.

The Australian Kerrie Poliness is a conceptual artist. One important aspect of her work is the approach to participation. She drafts her big sized to enormous wall or landscape drawings, but often has them executed by students or voluntary helpers.

Processuality, hazard and acceptance of the environmental conditions are further basic themes in her work. The pictorial genesis is in its consequence highly dependent on the very first decisions or rather settings. As if following a mathematical formula the works develop and after once decided, there is no correction allowed. Everything would become different if a divergent setting was taken at the beginning.

In her group of works ‘landscape paintings’ Poliness paints a rhomboid form onto plates of Perspex in relation to the colours of a landscape. She places these Perspex plains in different landscapes and takes photos. New confusing or even humorous contrasts occur questioning on the one hand the term of landscape-painting and produce on the other hand wonderful new and lively relations between naturalness and artificiality.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_01_Black O Wall Drawings    Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_02_FieldDrawing    Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_03_PaintingsandTrees    Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_04_Pavilion2  
Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_05_LandscapePaintings    Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_06_LandscapePaintingsZagreb    Referenzen_Kerrie_Polliness_07_Wave Drawings_1-8    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

1989        Melbourne (AU), Store 5, ‘No. 4’ (solo)
1991        Geelong (AU), Deakin University Gallery, ‘104 Paintings’ (solo)
1998        Perth, Art Gallery of Western Australia, ‘Wall Drawings’ (solo)
2002        Melbourne (AU), Heide Museum of Modern Art, ‘Good Vibrations: the legacy of Op art in Australia’
2004        Canberra (AU), National Gallery of Australia, Arts Lifts, ‘Wall works’ (solo)
2006         Dunedin (AU), Dunedin Public Art Gallery, ‘Wall Drawings’ (solo)
2007        Bonn (D), Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, ‘Australia – Contemp. Non-Objective Art’
2008        Osnabrück (D), Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche
2008        Würzburg (D), Museum Kulturspeicher ‘Australia – Contemporary Non-Objective Art’
2010        Brisbane (AU), Gallery of Modern Art Queensland, ‘Multiple Choice’
2012        Melbourne (AU), Ian Potter Museum of Art, ‘Basil Sellers Art Prize’
2012        London (GB), University of London, ‘Australian Contemporary Drawing 2’
2013        Melbourne (AU), Latrobe University Museum of Art, ‘Field Drawing, The Agora’ (solo)
2013        Lower Hutt (NZ), Dowse Art Museum, ‘Kerrie Poliness: Black O’ (solo)
2014        Zagreb (SL), G-MK, ‘Landscape Paintings and Wave Drawings’ (solo)
2014        Dowse (NZ) Dowse Museum of Art, ‘Short Fictions, Abstraction from the Dowse Collection’


Editionen oder Unikate

Cube lamp paintings
Kerrie Poliness

Cube lamp paintings


2014, edition 7 (+2),
acryl on plexi, indiv. composition, in IKEA lamp, 24 x 24 x 24 cm