Léopoldine Roux

Born in 1979 in Lyon, lives and works in Brussels

Several international prizes and grants Professorship at the Académie des Beaux-Arts JJ Gaillard, Brussels since 2007

The freedom of the minimalist statement “what you see is what there is” is used by Léopoldine Roux to make us -on our own- discover her world, in which she creates new relations and unimagined suspense with color. Color is her medium, Polyurethan her agent. She works with the hazardous run of the material, she withdraws in a certain moment, leaves it to perfect itself.

She likes this autonomy. She compares it to a child, put into this world, to dismiss it into its own life.

Playfully she deploys screaming colors to bewitch the particular environment. Rarely her works can be banished on canvas; they are mostly interventions in urban space that puzzle, creating magic.

In her first edition with YC she provides the carrier (one tenth of her own height) and makes the Polyurethan catch hold of it.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_01_OVERFLOW on the Rocks    Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_02_The_Rose_Fountains_Brussels    Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_03_Bubble_Paintings    Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_04_The_Big_Escape  
Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_05_Candy_Land_Bubble_Stones    Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_06_Candy_Land_The_One    Referenzen_Leopoldine_Roux_07_FAMILIES and co PAINTINGS    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


2007        Professor, Académie des Beaux-Arts JJ Gaillard, Brussels since 2007
2003        Master peinture et recherches tridimentionelles, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels
2002        DNSEP at Rennes Fine Arts School in France

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2002        Limoges (F), Musée de l’Evêché, Nature-Culture
2003        Glasgow (GB), Intermedia Gallery, Art dans la cité
2004        Bazouges (F), Centre de création, A ciel ouvert
2005        Bruxelles (B), Maiis Urban Art Festival, The Rose fountains
2007        Bruxelles (B), Maison d’art actuel des Chartreux, Wintergloss
2008        Bruxelles (B), CCNOA, Wall Sculpture
2008        Bruxelles (B), Museum Van Elsene, territoire de convergences
2009        Peking (China), Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, The kite paintings
2009        Lyon (F), Bullukian Foundation, Color me bad
2009        Graz (A), Kunstverein Medientrum, With your eyes only
2011        Hasselt (B), CAW foyer social, Something in the air, 101% culturel
2012        Elingen (B) Galerie 6B, All I need
2013        Vienne (F), Off Biennale de Lyon, Columna II
2013        Montauban-Buzenol (F), Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg Belge, A table
2014        Hasselt (B), Coöperatieve KultuurHuis, Cosmic Trip
2014        Bastogne (B), L’Orangerie, Fernand Léger, Couleurs de la mémoire
2014        Bonn (D), raum2810, Auf den Punkt


Editionen oder Unikate

Léopoldine Roux



2015, edition 4 (+1), unique pieces,
enamel, polyurethan, chassis, canvas,
33 x 24 x 7cm

HighlightMiniMe III, (red, pink, yellow)
Léopoldine Roux

MiniMe III, (red, pink, yellow)


2014, edition 8 (+2), unique pices,
enamel, polyurethan foam on wood,
12 x 10 x 10 cm