Merja Herzog-Hellstén

Born in 1969 and grown up in Finland, studied fine arts in USA, lives and works in Germany as an artist, teacher and curator since 1994 in Hanau

‘As an artist focusing on installations I am interested in the opulence of strong contrasts that can be launched by visual elements in an accessible space. Smaller unique works or series, like the editions for youngcollectors, mostly originate, too, as installations in miniature size.’

For the edition YC Merja Herzog-Hellstén created a work of the work group Aehettra, developed from the endeavor giving life to a visual language by abstract forms.

Her artistic works originate in her linguistic interest, the research for rhythm of language, of life. She develops visual patterns, plays with rhythmic forms, makes them interact, tells stories, and entangles the viewer in a dialogue.

The artist works closely with musicians. Their musical compositions respond to the rhythmic vibrations of her art works. A synaesthetic experience becomes perceptible. 

But even a breeze makes the seemingly pending and pulsatory works a physical experience. The works start living.

Works of the artist:

Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-01-CIRCUIT-2016   Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-02-TOUCHDOWN-2016   Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-03-PARADISEsupreme-2015   Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-04-Out_of_Paradise-2015

Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-05-AEHETTRA-2014   Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-06-MULTIPLE-CHOICE-2014   Merja-Herzog-Hellsten-07-bigBONSAI-2013   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2016           Senegal, Dakar, Goethe-Institut‚TOUCHDOWN’, DAK’ Art OFF
2016           Hanau, Museum Großauheim, Installation ‚CIRCUIT’ Darmstadt, Internationales Waldkunst Zentrum, ‘Sunny Side Up’ 
2015           Gelsenkirchen, Kunstverein im Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen, ‚PARADISEsupreme Paradies finden oder erfinden?’ 
2014           Frankfurt am Main, Ausstellungshalle1A, ‚AEHETTRA’, Mannheim, Kunstintervention, CityKirche Konkordien, ‚MULTIPLE CHOICE’ 
2013           Darmstadt, Gartenkunstbiennale VOGELFREI 10, ‚bigBONSAI’ (Ankauf HEAGmobilo) 
2012           Frankreich, Normandie, vAertigo, Außenskulptur ‚BIOGRAM Etang d’Athis’; 
2011           Frankfurt am Main, Heussenstamm Galerie, “Mantrische Fugen – SUPER REPETITION” 
2011           Bad Nauheim, Kunstverein, ‚Mantrische Fuge #2’ – ROTUNDE' mit Komposition 'Mantric Fugue' von Armando Tranquilino (Miami, USA) 
2011           Hanau, Johannes Kirche, 'Kunst in der Kirche', 'MITTLERE SPHAERE' 
2010           Brühl, Kunstverein, ‚al-pha’ 
2009           Offenbach, Haus der Stadtgeschichte, ‚FROZEN FLASHES_In Between the Alternatives’ mit Komposition von Roderik de Man (Amsterdam, NL)

2016           Kulturpreis des Main-Kinzig-Kreises


Editionen oder Unikate

Merja Herzog-Hellstén



2016, edition 7 (+2),
Acrylic, screws,
43 x 49 x 5 cm