Noel Ivanoff

Born in 1963, lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand

Self-employed artist, Head of Department Fine Arts, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland, NZ

Noel Ivanoff fathoms the possibilities of contemporary painting. He coats or spreads paint on the carrier in a way, thus the result often reminds of mechanical processes. In his choice of carriers the New Zealander goes as well beyond the limits of tradition. He works on aluminum-dibond or polystyrene or wooden boxes.

Order and structure are the guiding lines for his pictorial effort. Almost laconically he offers the possibility to comprehend and experience the traces of his pictorial impulses.

The result is highly sensitive and sensual products, revealing the shades of color, the traces and injuries of the material; comparable to an allegory of our life.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_01_StackerP16    Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_02_slider works    Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_03_LevigationOrange3    Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_04_SliderWhite1  
Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_05_SliderBlack1    Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_06_Digit_painting_yellow_green    Referenzen_Noel_Ivanoff_07_Cut_block_paintings    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

1991        London (GB), Islington Design Centre
1993        Oxford (GB), Templeton College
1993        Tokyo, (J), Metropolitan Art Museum, ‘Japan International Artists’
1998        Auckland (NZ), The Drawings Gallery, ‘Towards Abstraction Two’
2005        Christchurch (NZ), Centre for Contemporary Art, ‘GPS 6 artists 2 institutions’
2005        Hamilton (NZ), The Signal Gallery, ‘Peel & Some works from Gobsmack and flabbergast’
2008        Hawkes Bay (NZ), Hastings Art Gallery, ‘Faking it: a revisitation of postmodernism’
2008        Wellington (NZ), Enjoy Public Art Gallery, ‘Landing‘ (mit Raewyn Martin)
2009        Nelson (NZ), The Gallery at Woolaston, ‘Beyond the Image’
2011        Across Along and Around: RH Gallery at Woolaston, Nelson
2012        Bonn (D), raum2810, ‘Honey – Einblicke in eine Privatsammlung’
2013        Antwerpen (B), Faktor 44, ‘Precise Operations’


Editionen oder Unikate

vertical slider-black
Noel Ivanoff

vertical slider-black


2018, Auflage 6 (+2), Unikate,
Acryl auf Alu-Dibond,
36 x 27,7 cm

digit painting white to yellow
Noel Ivanoff

digit painting white to yellow


2015, edition 1/1 to 1/8,
acryl, gesso on wood,
36,5 x 28 cm

horizontal slider – orange
Noel Ivanoff

horizontal slider – orange


2014, edition 6 (+1), unique pices,
acryl on aluminium dibond,
29,6 x 19,7 cm