Albert Hettinger

Born in 1964, lives and works in Bitburg (D)

Work residences in Japan, South-Korea, China, Canada, Saudi-Arabia Curator of the international exhibition of sculptures ‘The other side’-‘Die andere Seite‘, Bitburg (D), 2012

The artistic career of Albert Hettinger is determined by his conflict with stone, preferable basalt, being movement solidified in primeval times. Different to marble the sculptor can impose his form to basalt only within narrow limitations. Basalt is difficult to work on, is extremely hard and rough.

The sculptor, living in the Eifel (a rural, volcanos area in West Germany and the Benelux), has developed an incomparable way to approach this local material. He reveals its character by naturally sensing and carefully externalizing it. Working with an angle grinder would feature results very fast, but Hettinger’s proceeding is very slow, guided by the material.

His sculptures relate closely to their special positioning and change deliberately the perception of their ambience. They are never referring to themselves. Immanent to all his works is something archaic, sometimes contemplative of Far-Eastern dimension. Hettinger’s works are monuments reclining in themselves, stimulating the spectator to reflect nature and space.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_01_Reise mit dem Wal 2010    Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_02_Innerer Drache 2007    Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_03_Stele 2003    Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_04_Stele 2011   
Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_05_Stele 2013    Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_06_OT 2012    Referenzen_Albert_Hettinger_07_Ozean im Stein 2010    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

Oberbillig (D), Internationales Skulpturensymposium in Oberbillig
Toyamura (J), Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale
Trier (D), Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Trier e.V. (solo)
Toyamura (J),  Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale
Weidingen (D), Chinesisch-Deutsches Künstlersymposium
Tokio (J), Deutsches Kulturzentrum (solo)
Kyongnam (Süd-Korea), Kyongnam Art Museum
Bitburg (D), Internationales Bildhauersymposium
Mainz (D), Sparkassenakademie Schloss Waldthausen, (mit B.Luxenburger)
Winnipeg (CAN), Schneeskulpturensymposium
Ube (J), Ube Sculpture Biennale
Bonn (D), Gesellschft für Kunst und Gestaltung
Icheon (Süd-Korea), Icheon Art Museum
Bitburg (D), Haus Beda, « Die andere Seite «
Bonn (D), Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung
Trier (D), Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Trier e.V.
Jülich (D), Geppert Band (solo)

Editionen oder Unikate

Albert Hettinger



2014, edition 9 (+2),
Indian basalt,
28 x 24 x 3 cm