Born in 1974 in Glukhov, Ukraine, lives and works in Düsseldorf (since 2003)

bioism or biofuturism represents my attempt to create
new living forms and a new aesthetics of future organic life.
I regard each of my works as a living being.

The most important topic in Aljoscha’s work is interaction and friction of culture and nature. On first sight his objects seem to be living, like beings or plants overgrowing reality.

Like many living creatures the delicate, filigree works have got their (wire-) skeleton. Hereon the Ukrainian artist piles up viscous silicone paint-dots in an unbelievably slow process, makes the objects grow and develop, and creates characters of immense vitality.

Originally his work derives from painting, from a pictorial process. As a base for his working with color he develops a complex form, each object gets specific, individual. The artist calls it ‘the invention of form as creature’. Some of his objects mature to sculptural characters up to 2,5 m of height. Like in the present edition, the artist sometimes plates or galvanizes the acrylic objects with bronze to precious gems. 


Works of the artist

Referenzen_Aljosha_01_Object 72_2008    Referenzen_Aljosha_02_Object_106_2009    Referenzen_Aljosha_03_m_vegetation_3    Referenzen_Aljosha_04_b_grasses_04  
Referenzen_Aljosha_05_b_meeting_20    Referenzen_Aljosha_06_b_meeting_8    Referenzen_Aljosha_07_Object_114b    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):


2014        "Биоизм" Erarata Museum, St. Petersburg
2014        "Lotuseffekt" Goethe Institut, Sofia
2013        "Der ca. 20 Lichtjahre große Nebel enthält Staubsäulen, die bis zu 9,5 Lichtjahre lang sind und
                  an deren Spitze sich neue Sterne befinden", Raum e.V., Duesseldorf

2013        "Daidaleia - the presence of fabulous edifices", Donopoulos Intern.Fine Arts (DIFA), Thessaloniki
2012        "Abiogenesis", Kunstraum d-52, Düsseldorf
2011        "Objekt als Wesen", Kunstverein APEX, Göttingen
2011        "BIOISM INVOLVED", Kunstgarten Graz
2010        "The children of Daedalus /Τα παιδιά του Δαίδαλου", Donopoulos Intern. Fine Arts (DIFA), Thessal
2010        "bioism aims to spread new and endless forms of life throughout the universe", exhib. space ARTUNITED, Vienna
2009        "BIOFUTURISM", Krefelder Kunstverein, Krefeld
2009        "BIOISM", Museo di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna


2012        Grant of Hybridartprojects (Buenos Aires, Argentina), in Mandrem, India
2011        Grant of the University's Museum of Contemp. Art (Mexico City), in Venice,Italy
2011        Grant of Kunstgarten Graz, Austria
2010        Grant of Hybridartprojects (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in El Zonte, El Salvador
2010        "bioism uprooting populus" - installation grant of K. Abt-Straubinger Foundation,Stuttgart
2008        Art prize "Schlosspark 2009", Cologne
2008        1. Prize in sculpture, XXXV Premio Bancaja, Valencia


Editionen oder Unikate

Edition II

Edition II


2018, Unikate a,b,c, mit Zertifikat,
Acryl, Acrylglas,
ca. 25 x 107 x 48 cm

Objekt 199

Objekt 199


2014, edition 3 (+2), unique pieces with certificate, white bronze,
approx. 16 x 15 x 13 cm