Christoph Dahlhausen

Born in 1960, lives and works in Bonn

Artist and curator, adjunct professor at RMIT University Melbourne (AUS) various awards (amongst others: Kunstpreis der Stadt Bonn, Ramboux Prize, City of Trier)

Christoph Dahlhausen is a painter; he makes the light paint for him. Car paint, glass, shining metals, mirrors and reflecting vinyl and light, again and again, the natural as well as the artificial, are his substitutes for paintbrush and palette. By the reflections the spectator is drawn into the work, into colorful objects, orientated to the wall and of permanent presence.

With a reduced, precise and intensive idiom Christoph Dahlhausen invites the spectator to sensually experience light, color and space.

His work rotates around these main terms; it has become known world-wide.

He presents us new visional experience by his designed facades, installations, glass walls and many ‘projects of art in architecture’. We realize ourselves, we view the space with different eyes.

Works of the artist

Christoph Dahlhausen New Ways to Colour the Wall, 2012 Lack, Autolack auf Aluminium, Stahl, Magnete, Holzkisten Maße variabel   Christoph Dahlhausen Filtered Light IV, 2011 (Detail) Foto-Filterlinsen, Polierter Edelstahl 4 x 84 x 2,5 cm   Christoph Dahlhausen Linsengericht, 2012 Foto-Filterlinsen, Holzrahmen 53 x 43 cm   Christoph Dahlhausen Lots of Dots, 2012 (Detail) PE-Folie auf Glas (Installation, Fassade des Wilhelm Hack Museums Ludwigshafen) Ges. ca. 10 x 50 x 30 m

Christoph Dahlhausen Stabilizing Light, 2013 Leutstoffröhren, Kabel, Kabelbilder, Baugerüst ca. 6 x 10 x 5,5 m   Christoph Dahlhausen What if?, 2012 Pulverbeschichteter Stahl, Edelstahl Öffentliche Skulptur bei brandtelf, Bonn ca. 8,6 x 10 x 6 m   Christoph Dahlhausen mash 2014 - 21,7 x 18 cm  


exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

Koblenz (D), Ludwig Museum ‘Lichtfallen’ *
Bonn (D), Bonner Kunstverein, Bon direct *
Göttingen (D), Kunstverein, ‘glassworks’ *
Winterthur (CH), Fotomuseum ‘The Stock’ *
Barcelona (E), Museo national arte Catalonia ‘Memory’ *
Bonn (D), Kunstmuseum, ‘Painting by Light’ *
Bremen (D), Neues Museum Weserburg, ‘66/03’ *
Dortmund (D), Museum am Ostwall, ‘Painted by the Light’ *
Würzburg (D), Museum Kulturspeicher ‘Fotografie Konkret’ *
Osnabrück, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, ’Licht Glas Transparenz’ *
Ludwigshafen (D), Wilhelm Hack Museum ’Alles’
Melbourne (AUS), Heide Museum of Modern Art (mit David Thomas) *
Melbourne (AUS), National Gallery of Victoria ‘Lightworks’
Ludwigshafen (D), Wilhelm Hack Museum ‘Punkt.Systeme’ *
Melbourne (AUS), Heide Museum of Modern Art, Collage: The Heide Collection
Wellington (NZ), Massey University Gallery, ‘The Wellington Project’

* = Katalog


Editionen oder Unikate

Christoph Dahlhausen



2017, Auflage  (+2),
Paseparkoutkarton gestanzt,
Maße variabel

Sound - Stack
Michael Graeve

Sound - Stack


Coop. Dahlhausen, 2010/2011,
ed. 8 (+2), unique pieces, boxes, 7 discs each, various material, obj. Ø 17,5 x 3 cm


Christoph Dahlhausen



2014, edition 5 (+2),
vinyl on mirror,
Ø 25,2 cm

K-pour toi rot
Christoph Dahlhausen

K-pour toi rot


2013, edition 8 (+2), 
car varnish on steel, aluminium, magnet, screw, Ø 28 x 13,2 cm

K-pour toi blau
Christoph Dahlhausen

K-pour toi blau


2013, edition 8 (+2),
car varnish on steel, aluminium, magnet, screw, Ø 28 x 13,2 cm