Elisabeth Sonneck

Born in 1962 in Bünde/Westfalia, lives and works in Berlin

Grant of the Berlin Senate for 2008; many exhibitions and installations in galleries and museums inland and abroad

The works of Elisabeth Sonneck appear astoundingly simple and conceptually easy on first sight. The surface of her works – the plates as well as the papers- shows mainly vertical colour paths, developed from uncountable layers of transparent paint. They are the primary result of a suite of physical actions, the strokes with a 12cm paintbrush on the plain, accentuating the rhythm of the movement, limited by the operating distance of her arms when standing solidly.

Yet what seems to be so simple in description generates a formidably rich chromatic variety in the picture. Each chromatic harmony of the stripes is a play of colours und discloses at close vision filigree / sensitive and subtle differences, an astonishing amount of different shades. What appears monochromatically olive-green or orange-ochre derived from the mixture and superposition of blue, yellow, violet or other colours of the spectrum.

The cognition of these fine differences of mixture and concentration leads the beholder into the rich world of colour-glissandi and accords in the works of Elisabeth Sonneck.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_01_tritone_2014   Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_02_einander_Beige_2012   Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_03_la_vie_en_rose_2013   Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_04_ritardando_2008

Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_05_Rolle_Rollfeld5_2014   Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_06_antiphon_Schwarzlicht_1_3_2009   Referenzen_Elisabeth_Sonneck_07_Maeander_11_1_2014   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers 

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2012        Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst Otterndorf/D, -einander *
2012        Verein für aktuelle Kunst, Oberhausen/D (mit P. Stohrer) *
2013        Guardini Stiftung, Berlin/D, Verschränkungen (mit A. Schmid) *
2015        Kunstmuseum Ahlen/D, mono poly - 3 Situationen in Farbe *


2008        Schloß Sanssouci, Potsdam/D, Neue Kunst in den Neuen Kammern! *
2009        Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin/D, Farbe konkret
2009        Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin/D, Selected Artists *
2010        Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam/D, Colour and Paint
2011        Staatliches Museum Schwerin/D, Die niederländische Savanne *
2012        Gleisdreieck-Park, Berlin/D, Gleisdreieck-Kunst im öffentlichen Raum *
2013        Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin/D, Hauptsache Grau #1*
2013        Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin/D, Farbe Raum Farbe *           
2013        Vasarely Museum, Budapest/H, Collection Grauwinkel *
2013        Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst Otterndorf/D, Wiedersehen-Neuerwerbungen
2014        New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford/USA, Vault Series: JamII 
2014        Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen/D, Farbwechsel *

* = Katalog


Editionen oder Unikate

HighlightEcho/lux 2015
Elisabeth Sonneck

Echo/lux 2015


2015, edition 5 (+1), unique pieces,
gouache on w. colour cart, copy on glassine, foldback clip, 31 x 23 cm