Frank Piasta

Born in 1967, lives and works in Freiburg (D)

Pedagogical studies of fine arts (Prof. László Lakner) and social sciences, academic studies of fine arts with Gotthard Graubner and Kuno Gonschior,Academy Berlin, DAAD grant 2001 (New York)

Frank Piasta is a painter, even though he has not painted any more in the traditional way for quite a while. Quasi exploring the artist searches for the basis of painting. He fathoms the possibilities of non-figurative painting, uses his own died silicon as material, not oil, acrylic or tempera. Sometimes agglomerates of color accrue, acting like a foreign body applied to the plate or pressed between two glass sheets. They attract the beholder approaching the work in a captivating manner. On the other hand they reject by the inconceivable materiality.

Piasta’s colours glare very specially. The aim of many painters, to get the color shine on its own, seems to be achieved. The light penetrating from above interfuses and stimulates the color, makes the whole pictorial object blaze. Honestly and comprehensibly Piasta shows the becoming of his works. The working process remains visible. The illusionary glazing in his work stays untroubled.

Works of the artist

Frank Piasta fuzzy 1.5 2011    Frank Piasta fuzzy 1.2 2009    Frank Piasta fuzzy 1.0 2007    Frank Piasta blank volume 2.7-2.10 2014   
Frank Piasta blank volume 1.8 2013    Frank Piasta leisebrennen 2012    Frank Piasta o.T. 2007    Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers 

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2000        Dortmund, Künstlerhaus, Die Farbe hat mich
2002        Arnsberg, Kunstverein 
                 Lüdenscheid, Städtische Galerie, Märkisches Stipendium
2004        Gelsenkirchen, Kunstverein 
                 Budapest (HU), Galerie Vadnai
                 Boca Raton (USA), Galerie Camino Real
2005        Oberhausen, Verein für aktuelle Kunst
                 Koblenz, Museum Ludwig
                 Osaka (J), Galerie White Cube
2006        Remscheid, Galerie der Stadt, Werkstatt-Galerie
2008        Bonn, gkg, Gegenstandslos
2009        Bonn, Hotel Beethoven, Fully Booked
                 Freiburg, E-Werk, Spiegeln
                 Appenzell (CH), Museum Liner, Konkrete Idole
2010        Mannheim, Galerie Peter Zimmermann
                 Erfurt, Zentrum für Konkrete Kunst, Strukturwandel
2011        Ingolstadt, Museum für Konkrete Kunst
2012        Bonn, gkg, same same but different2013
                 Budapest, Vasarely Museum, Sammlung Grauwinkel2014    
                 Bochum, Kunstverein, Beyond the Wall
                 Gelsenkirchen, Kunstverein, Farbwechsel


Editionen oder Unikate

äußerst 3.0
Frank Piasta

äußerst 3.0


2018, Auflage 5 (+1), Unikate,
Silikon und Pigment auf Spiegel,
30 x 30 cm

äußerst 2.0
Frank Piasta

äußerst 2.0


2015, edition 5 (+1), unique pieces,
silicone and pigments on mirror
30 x 30 cm


blank volume 3.0
Frank Piasta

blank volume 3.0


2014, edition 5 (+2),
pigments, silicone on glass, painted aluminium, 28 x 35 x 6 cm