Gisela Hoffmann

Gisela Hoffmann

Born in 1963 in Burg/Fehmarn, lives and works in Rosstal (D)

Laotse "The visible composes the shape of the work; the invisible represents its character."

Gisela Hoffmann works in accordance to the principle ‘less is more’. Dr. Thomas Heyden describes it in his speech: …her strategy of ‘almost nothing’… evokes the experience of space. Space not as emptiness, but as fragile, abundant plenitude…

She draws spatial lines, stretches high-tech industrial tissue, capturing plains, seizing space. Areas between inside and outside are generated, areas between and around, areas the spectator can define himself, the fragile boundary of which is simultaneously an opening to the ambience.

The material she uses allows the intended transparency only in few colors. For her acrylic-glass works the artist prefers signal colors as red and orange, they are warm and luminous. The transparent polyester ribbons are died occasionally in these colors. By using light Gisela Hoffmann achieves a moiré effect within these ribbons; the acrylic glasses concentrate the light and emit it at the edges, they seem to disperse. The virtual metamorphoses of her work in light and the movement of the spectator is beside material and space a fundamental element of her work.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_01_walldrawing_02_2014   Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_02_fuge_06_2014   Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_03_raumlinien_XIX_schwarz_2004_multiple_2014   Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_04_raumlinie_23_2010

Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_05_osmose_2004_bis_heute   Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_06_raumlinien 26_schwarz_multiple_2013   Referenzen_Gisela_Hoffmann_07_linear 06_rotgrün_multiple_2010 Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers 


exibitions/grants/awards (selected): 

2014        Merdinger Kunstforum
2014        Kunsthaus Nürnberg im Kunstkulturquartier
2014        Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken
2014        quadart Dornbirn, Österreich
2014        Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt
2013        ikkp Rehau
2013        Kunsthalle Messmer Riegel 
2013        Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt            
2012        Städtisches Museum Zirndorf
2011        Institut für neue technische Form, Darmstadt
2011        Städtische Galerie Schwabach
2011        Messmer Foundation, Riegel
2009        Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn
2009        Institut für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg
2009        kunst galerie fürth
2009        Forum für Konkrete Kunst Erfurt
2008        Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn
2004        Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt 
2003        museo del tessuto, prato, Italien


Editionen oder Unikate

Raumlinien 34
Gisela Hoffmann

Raumlinien 34


2016, edition 5 (+2), 
double layer tissue 2,5 cm, steel nails,
84 x 41,5 x 23,5 cm


gh_fuge 10_2015
Gisela Hoffmann

gh_fuge 10_2015


2015, edition 5 (+2), 
fabric, steel nails,
55,5 x 50 x 4 cm