Iemke van Dijk

Iemke van Dijk

Born in 1969 in Wassenaar, lives and works in Leiden, Netherlands

Teacher at Leiden Academic Artcentre LAK since 2001
Co-founder IS projects, Leiden (December 2007)

The Dutch artist Iemke van Dijk works intentionally at the margin, respectively at the intersection area of art and design concepts. Many of her works are related to space or location integrating the existing floor or wall surfaces. Her material is graphite, chalk, rubber, templates or watercolor.

Though unpretentious in approach and execution, intriguing results emerge. By blurringly deleting graphite settings she evokes unexpected dimensions of depth and aspects of virtual spatiality. Frequently Iemke van Dijk works with modules that permit multiple solutions when combined freely. Thus simplicity by its flexibility is bound to complexity and diversity.

Works of the artist

Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_01_Wall_work_SNO_contemporary_art_projects_2010   Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_02_Slow_Freeze_2013   Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_03_Spray_paint_2013   Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_04_Ohne_Titel_2014

Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_05_grafite on wall_2014   Referenzen_Iemke_van_Dijk_06_Ohne_Titel_2014   Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2015        'Formeel 2015: Waterverven', Museum Waterland, Purmerend NL (g) 
2014        'Verf Water Papier', de Palmkas, Haarlem NL
2014        ‘Doppler shift’, Art Centre New Jersey, Summit NJ (g) *
2014        ‘Relief Reduktive’, Kunstverein Speyer, Speyer DE (g) *
2014        ‘The beautiful formula syndicate’ Center of contemporary art, Tiblisi GE (g)
2014        ‘Auf den Punkt’, Raum2810, Bonn DE (g)
2014        'Toujours simple’, ParisCONCRET, Paris FR (g) *‘To the point’, IS-projects, Leiden NL (g) 
2014        'Gegen die Wand', LW44 with Rhythm Section, München DE (g)         
2013        Museum de Lakenhal in de Meelfabriek, Leiden NL (g)
2013        'Doppler', Parallel Art Space, New York US (g) * 
2013        'Hydrography II', De Vishal, Haarlem NL (g)  
2013        'Slow Freeze', Gemak, The Hague NL (g) 
2012        'Raisonnement Circulaire', ParisCONCRET FR (g)
2012        'Stop and Go 3-D' Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier Amsterdam NL (g)
2012        'Reliefreduktiv' Walkmeuhle Wiesbaden DE (g) *

solo (s), duo (d) and group (g) 

* = Katalog


Editionen oder Unikate

HighlightA DIY Kit
Iemke van Dijk



2015, edition 10 (+2), 
3 templates, pencil, cotton, 
(do it yourself kit), variable measurements