Michael Graeve

Michael Graeve

1971 born in Melbourne, Australia, lives and works in Castlemaine (Melbourne, AU)

“From picture to sound, from space to time: interval and vibration.” He finalized his studies of fine arts at the RMIT University with master and PHD of philosophy and fine arts.
Michael Graeve received different grants and prizes like f.ex. the APA PhD Scholarship, the Anne and Gordon Samstag International Scholarship as well as the Tonspur Residency in the Vienna Museums’ Quarter Q21. Graeve is a host often sought after for international sound art festivals.
im Wiener Museumsuqarier Q21.

Michael Graeve is internationally known as an artist for visual arts, sound arts, and performance and as a curator.

Living in Melbourne he combines in his often expansive installations non-figurative colour-paintings and sound-compositions. With the latter he often uses old conventional disc players but without discs, so that instead of melodious aspects sounds, patterns and rhythm ominate. Even his conceptual painting does not try to thrive on narrative and figurative references, but on rhythmic chromatics. Combinations of wall paintings with painted wooden planes, loudspeakers, disc-players, wire-ravels and wire-tangles form a structured chaos, immerged into a mostly quiet sound-wall. At the same time inevitably associations arise of the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk (overall artwork) and its historical basis.

Graeve’s works develop a cosmos full of rough and silent moments in time and space, fascinating and seducing to have a closer look, to listen more intensively. The edition on hand combines all aspects of Graeve’s creation, his sound-world retained on a transparent single disc, the duo-take with a composition developed together with the musician Christoph Dahlhausen, his paintings, the aspect of collage, and the impulse to the viewer to be active and to discover.

Works of the artist

   Referenzen Michael Graeve 01 Rhythm Resonance Reference Removal and Refrain 2015  Referenzen Michael Graeve 02 Events Traces Reverberations 2014  Referenzen Michael Graeve 03 Multiple Monochromes 2013  Referenzen_Michael_Graeve_04_Conjunctive_Relations_002-011_2013  

   Referenzen Michael Graeve 05 Conjunctive Relations 013 2013 Detail  Referenzen Michael Graeve 06 Sequence and Simultaneity Front and Side 2011  Referenzen Michael Graeve 07 Spatial Choreography 2010  Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2015 PhD Doctor of Philosophy, Fine Art. RMIT University, Melbourne

2005 Anne and Gordon Samstag Internationales Reisestipendium

2005 Internat. Studio and Kuratoren Programm (ISCP). Australia Council Atelier Stipendium, New York

2014 Events, Traces and Reverberations. The Engine Room Gallery. Massey University, Wellington

2010 Spatial Choreography. e/static, Turin.

2006 dialog I, mit Christoph Dahlhausen. raum 2810, Bonn.

2015 Eye Score: The Audible Image. Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne.

2012/13 Sound Full: Sound in Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art. Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin. City Gallery Wellington, Wellington.

2010 Sight & Sound: Music and Abstraction in Australian Art. Kuratiert von Steven Tonkin. Arts Centre, Melbourne.

2007/20018 Australien, Ungegenständliche Kunst – Heute. Bonn, Würzburg, Osnabrück.

2006 Sonambiente Berlin 2006 – festival für hören und sehen. Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof, Berlin.

2001 Primavera. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.


Editionen oder Unikate

Sound - Stack
Michael Graeve

Sound - Stack


Coop. Dahlhausen, 2010/2011,
ed. 8 (+2), unique pieces, boxes, 7 discs each, various material, obj. Ø 17,5 x 3 cm