Sibylle Feucht

Sybille Feucht

Born 1968 in Kaufbeuren (D), grew up and lived mostly in Basel (CH), in Bonn (D) since 2010.

Having studied biology in Basel and Los Angeles (USA) as well as Fine Arts at F+F School for art and new media, Zürich, she received the studio grant of Christoph Merian Foundation in Rotterdam and the scholarship Cité des Arts, Paris, among others. In 2011 she founded ‘Das Esszimmer – project space for arts+ in Bonn (D).

Beginning of the 20th century artists started to integrate diverse merchandise items into art works. Duchamps, enfant terrible of the art scene, used f.ex. a drying rack for bottles, pissoirs or bicycles and declared them art. The world has rotated fast, and meanwhile there is almost no material that has not become worth being used in art.

The usage of plastic beads that we know from our kids is extraordinary. From most heterogeneous photos the Swiss artist develops pictures, being composed by tiny dots, these plastic beads that are melted together by heat. The patterns for her works are mostly press photographs. She uses pictures of gemstones, persons or bomb explosions. In a very subtle way Sibylle Feucht constructs pictorial worlds which seem to be rather familiar to us due to social media. At the same time the raster of the dots abstracts the pictures, our imagination of reality is deconstructed. Similar to impressionistic pictures the work can be identified only from a certain distance. At close it appears hardly distinguishably abstract. It dissipates.

In a playful, plain and at the same moment enigmatic way the artist converts well-known pictures into a new abstract context. Omnipresent pictures of bomb explosions have accompanied our life not only since the recent past. Here they mutate to a trap, coming along sugarcoated, but opening our view if we learn to see.

Works of the artist

   Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 01 ruptur Tonga 2009.jpg  Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 02 flowers IV Syria 2012  Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 03 Like a sphere 2010  Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 04 just a throw 2009  

   Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 05 on the ground 2009  Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 06 flowers-III Gaza 2009  Referenzen Sibylle Feucht 07 flowers-II Irak 2003  Weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers

exibitions/grants/awards (selected):

2015           many a time, Galerie Stadtpark, Krems (AT)

2014           Dóra Maurer, Schnappschuss, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch (D)

2013           S(ch)ichtwechsel, Museum für konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt (D), *

2012           sounding the body electric, Muzeum Sztuki, Lódz (PL),*

                    The desire of freedom, Art in Europe since 1945, Deutsches histor. Museum, Berlin (D), *

2011           Light years, conceptual art and photography-1964-1977,ART Institute of Chicago (USA)*

2010           Schwerelos, MUWA- Museum der Wahrnehmung, Graz (AT)

                    thing/thought: fluxus editions 1962-78. Moma, NY (USA)*

2009           Promises of the past, Centre Pompidou, Paris (F)*

                    Roboterträume, Museum Tingely, Basel (CH)*

2008           Dóra Maurer – compressed oeuvre, Ludwig Museum Budapest, (HU)

2007           Living Colour, Osas 3,  Vasarely Múzeum, Budapest (HU)*,

                   Reale und virtuelle Räume, Arithmeum, Bonn (D)*

                   Mathematik und Raum, Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg (D)*



Editionen oder Unikate

Sybille Feucht



2016, edition 5 (+2),
melted plasticbeads,
51 x 57 cm